Лён Десны, LLC

Hlukhiv, Sumy state, Ukraine 41400 Tereschenko, 45
Hlukhiv, Sumy state, Ukraine 41400 Tereschenko, 45
Kalinin Alexander, marketing
Flagma member since 22 April 2014
Tel: +380 (99) 544-XX-XX

Business activities

Company "Linen of Desna" is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine, working on a full cycle of production, from cultivation of flax, primary processing of flax production and finishing of natural flax twine and rope.

High-quality raw materials are in great demand in Ukraine and abroad and can be obtained through the use of intensive technologies of flax cultivation, based on the right approach to the technological map of growth taking into account the climatic conditions and soil characteristics of the region as well as the culture of the predecessor. The use of high-yielding imported seeds in conjunction with a special technique for flax as well the processing of flax at the upgraded flax-scutching mill controlled by a special laboratory - all this is a guarantee of obtaining high-quality raw materials.

The company sells a part of the flax fiber and the rest is manufactured in a 100% flax twine and flax rope, which are in great demand of the Ukrainian consumers.

The company was founded in 2010, number of employees 150 ppl.
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Registered: 22 Apr 2014      activity index: F -1.0

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